3 Reasons Why You Need to DIY Your Wedding Flowers

Planning your wedding is a battle of which things to diy and what things are worth paying someone else to do. Theres food, decorations, favors…the list goes on and on! Everyone has a different preference on which things need a personal touch and which things will tip the iceberg of stress(bridezlla, anyone?). In the journey of hard decisions, lets get flowers checked off your list. Heres three reasons why this should be a diy project for your big day.

1. You will save SO much money.

According to a survey conducted in 2014 by theKnot.com, the average amount recent brides spent on a florist—including personal flowers, centerpieces and other decorations—was $2,141. Even a cheap florist and modest flower order will put you at almost $1000 if you arent careful! By doing them yourself you can significantly cut the cost without compromising beauty. I personally spent 200 on my centerpieces for 200 guests, find out how I did it in THIS POST.

2. You have total control over what they will look like.

I had beautiful ideas of what i wanted my flowers to look like. Easy to do, luxurious and effortless-looking bouquets…that I never got. Why? Because my wonderful aunt graciously gifted me with a florist. Everyone said I was putting too much on my plate, and she thought it would be a huge blessing to take that off my shoulders for me as a wedding gift. How generous! And who would say no to a free florist, right? Aside from my eternal gratitude and love to my aunt who paid for the florist, and the ease of not worrying about making bouquets, I wish I would’ve stuck to my gut on this one. I sent picture after picture to this florist, met with her twice, and phone called 3 times with her. The bouquets and flower crowns were nothing like I wanted, and 75% of them were fake because she said the colors I wanted were unavailable last minute. This is not the experience everyone had with her, and I realize there are many florists who can craft beautiful floral masterpieces. But if you have a knack for things like this, or if you can copy a Pinterest photo, you might be able to get just what you want by doing it yourself.

3. You will have fun putting them together, and feel awesome showing them off!

Bring together your bridesmaids and have a flower crown making party! Or do what I did and drink coffee while putting together the centerpieces. After doing those and being so proud of them, I realized how easy it would’ve been to tackle the bouquets as well. Head over to 10 WEDDING BOUQUETS YOU CAN TOTALLY DIY for some inspiration, or to HOW I DID MY OWN WEDDING CENTERPIECES – 25 TABLES FOR LESS THAN $300 to see just how easy it really is.

Until next time!

xoxo, Kayla

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